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18-Jan-2018 03:54

This award recognises volunteer led organisations providing services that meet the needs of people living in the community.

This is a fantastic achievement for us all and we would like to thank our volunteers for their continuing, wonderful efforts over the years.

Each month the ISC receives numerous inquiries about starting a new group, however many groups starting out do not have the funds to buy the kit or books.

We have started a Scholarship Fund to cover half the cost of the starter kit (item #44) to allow new groups to form more easily.

"Take what you like and leave the rest" allows me to know that others have perspectives that are different from mine—and that's okay!

It is in a space of equality that I can be comfortable knowing that no one is going to push their opinions on me. This concept is an important one for those of us who might be shy, or feel that our opinions really don’t matter, especially those of us who have had to deal with low self-esteem.

Each live phone sex site has been vetted by us prior to advertising.

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All phone sex sites taking on line payments have also beenchecked to ensure that they are genuine and are using secure payment systems.The guidelines of EA provide a safe space for us to interact at our meetings and platforms - whether they are face-to-face, skype, phone, or the loop.