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The numbers are interesting in that there’s an almost equal number of titles that are exclusive to Australian streaming services.That has to be measured against the fact that you would have to subscribe to all three services to match the number of available exclusives against just one subscription plus a VPN.Here is the full list of titles exclusive to Netflix US that are wholly unavailable on Netflix Australia, Stan or Presto.You can type a show or movie name in the box below to see if it’s included.And though “Grave Encounters 2″ noted that there’s no such thing as the Vicious Brothers in the first place, as I recall, apparently they’re still making movies.So if you ignore the continuity lapse, you’ll get “Extraterrestrial,” a copy of which our friends at Scream Factory sent for us to review.

I'll be posting more information on further screenings as soon as it become available.

Hover over the right icons to see how many seasons a particular service has of each TV show.

For those who remember either of the two “Grave Encounters” movies, you’re already familiar with the works of the Vicious Brothers.

The So Cal fest \ will include a red carpet and reception.

Play dates: Toronto Independent Film Festival (the little brother "slamdance to Tiff") PM, Saturday, September 13, 2014 Carlton Theatre, 20 Carlton Street, Toronto ON, M5B 2H5 So Cal Independent Film Festival 7: PM, Saturday October 4, 2014 (Redcarpet at , Reception at 6pm) 7111 Talbert Ave.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that Netflix has recently announced plans to more aggressively pursue people using geododging services such as DNS redirects and VPNs, although whether that will bear much fruit remains to be seen.

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