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29-Oct-2017 02:36

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Let's discuss *how* to make this happen and choose a pattern later.

Right now we agree on the need for the pattern, we have the ability to choose it later.

We already have a way to make this happen - there is a setting in the file field configuration, but it's default is nothing, which means all files get dumped into the public directory.

Discussing how to make this happen means choosing a pattern [email protected]: Always consider that adding files to new content means we don't have context such as ID.

I agree that we should have a dynamic default, but it should not be date-based.

I would recommend something like the node type or field type (or both).

(Perhaps better help text in the latter case could be helpful?

)You would be surprised about the amount of sites that are not "enterprise" but have this many files.

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There are reports of sites going down just as a result of this issue.We should have safe defaults, so I propose providing a mechanism in core to prevent this kind of data corruption.