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[Read: 16 tips to make your boyfriend want you more than ever! When you have some time in your hands, stand in front of each other’s wardrobes and start wearing each other’s clothes. With each dress up game, you’ll have more fun with each other, especially if you both decide to make out wearing each other’s clothes. Sit in front of your computer with your boyfriend and log onto any webcam chatting sites like omegle or chatroulette.

You don’t need to have sex in front of your webcam if you don’t feel like it.

One of you can be the doctor while the other is a patient or a nurse.

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You are away on a business trip and later during the day you go back to your hotel room. All of a sudden, a TV commercial comes on; its a late night chatline with hundreds of singles in the area, and they are offering a free trial!Switch roles now and then and you’ll see just how funny and sexy this game can be.