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Which makes sense, considering this is the blog of a married woman in a monogamous het relationship.I don’t worry about whether or not using olive oil will break a condom because, like my kitties, I’ve been fixed.And despite the fun title, this post is going to be more serious than yesterday’s, so once again, consider yourself warned.Looking over yesterday’s post on using olive oil for lube, I realized it was written from a totally married hetero-centric point of view.Imagine a world in which nearly every child is planned, cared for, and loved. No birth control method is 100% effective except for abstinence and certain medical procedures. And sometimes an unplanned child can end up being the great joy of his/her parents’ lives. But you can believe that if I were the parent of a sexually active teenager, I’d be harping on them night and day to use a condom every single time and would make sure they had access to as much water-based condom-friendly lube as they wanted. You readers with young kids, just think what you have to look forward to! They’re made of latex, polyurethane plastic, or natural animal skin.

Ready to watch all of these sexy girls live on their webcams?BUT considering the possible alternatives, disease or unwanted preganancy, I would consider condom plastic in the same category as my plastic eyedrop containers or plastic prescription bottles. And if you think you’re sparing the environment by not using disposable condoms to prevent disease (an argument I used to hear in my young activist days), compare the small amount of spermicide and plastic in a few condoms to the toxic drug cocktail you’d be subjected to if you contracted HIV, and I think you’ll see which has the greater environmental impact.