Looking for a chatmate in the philippines to have sex on line

10-Jan-2018 12:02

Cybersex is not the solution to achieving a decent quality of life, but the existence, persistence, up to the embodiment of the workers of this phenomenon signifies that the State’s vision of ICT for development is not living up to its promise of socioeconomic upliftment; and through the institutionalized uses of technology, a culture of creative ICT use is constrained rather than promoted.

Cybersex thus foregrounds some problematic ramifications of the present ICT framework and the institutional mechanisms supporting it.

The biggest disadvantage of the ‘net is that it is very easy for someone to lie about himself/herself.

Ladies, if you are meeting someone for coffee that you met online, meet in a very public place such as a mall or restaurant–DO NOT MEET ALONE. If someone will not meet you in a public place with friends, don’t meet at all and stop all communication. Do not tolerate anyone who wants to chat about sexual things. You should be upfront about your committment to sexual purity.

I am able to make a lot of friends and ministry connections through this blog, email, friendster, myspace, etc (I’m also able to get in touch with friends that I met long ago).

You can establish admiration, common interest, etc; but you should not get too emotionally involved with someone you have only chatted/texted/emailed with.

It is not fine for your social life to be limited to staring at a computer screen. better a neighbor nearby than a brother far away” –Proverbs ). Remember you are still more likely to meet new friends (or even that “special someone”) through traditional ways (meeting at church, a social event, etc).

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