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29-Sep-2017 10:18

Bill and Olya were a great asset in my search, and if not for them, well, this article would never have been written, and I would have still been in the mindset that finding a foreign bride was for losers.On March 7th, 2011 I departed for Moscow where I would meet Elena , my first pick, at 3PM the following day in the lobby of the Moskva Hotel.In any case, the flowers did not get in the way of her hug.I am sure she could see that I was very pleasantly surprised.I was completely baffled, what in the world is going on in this strange country?Are people here so friendly that they say hello to everyone they pass on the streets? Interrupting my rambling thoughts, she reached over and grabbed my arm and said, "TGI Fridays?

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Bill referred me to Global, and told me to post a decent picture of myself on the site.

Next, they suggested that I search for at least six ladies within a relatively close proximity of each other, within a 300 mile radius, and send an email to each lady briefly describing myself.