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23-Oct-2017 14:42

It all depends on how messed up the game has become - but if the fix does not work your only option may be to restart - which is a good reason not to cheat.

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They then use that data to empty your bank accounts, steal your identity, or even worse, download photos of fat girls riding clowns riding mini-bikes and then CC copies to all of the people you know thus outing you as a fat-girl-clown-mini-bike fetishist. Using the special program your PC poses as the official game server, and alters the rewards parameters so that you can increase the number of , and money you receive in the game for actions and tasks. Invisible File Editing Certain of the configuration and save files for the game as well as the innards of the OS and other apps on your i OS device are concealed in what are euphemistically known as "invisible directory trees" but are, in reality, simply directories you are not supposed to be able to see or access.

At the end of the Tutorial Phase for the new game we had a brand new and pristine town with the following The thing is we would not be surprised if EA/Firemonkey doesn't already have a way to detect that sort of thing and deal with it.

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