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05-Jul-2017 23:53

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6pm - 8pm - Women Under 40's speed dating night (Maximum of 26 women).

6pm - 8pm - Men Under 40's speed dating night (maximum of 26 men).

If you hit it off with someone then take their number and arrange a proper date, win win.

You also get to 'date' a lot of people in the amount of time it would take to go out for dinner with just one person.

This time you just get to have a common interest and a central talking point, cats!

Who knows, it might even take some of the stress out of talking to a complete stranger!

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6pm - 8pm - Men Over 40's speed dating night (Maximum of 26 men).

Speed dating isn't anything new, it's an age old formula which mostly involves talking to one stranger for a few minutes before moving onto the next and repeating everything you just said.

Some might consider speed dating a daunting experience, somewhere between an actual date with a person already like and a blind date with a complete stranger.

Among others, Finland has great startups in Game & Entertainment, Health & well-being, Education, and Clean-tech.

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Startups are continuously looking for talented team members, networks, resources and investment opportunities; on the other hand, investors and accelerators are looking for potential startups and teams; experts, graduates, professionals and different service providers are interested in startups operating in their industries.

The Cat Cafe in Helsinki is now introducing a series of speed dating nights for men and women.