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This usually happens right after the guy had a great date with a girl he really likes… Just always ASSUME that you will plan everything and keep asking her out until she offers something better or asks you out FIRST (which is a really good thing…if she’s asking you out one-on-one, that’s a very strong signal of genuine interest in the beginning stages…and even if a woman is highly interested she STILL might not ask you out…which doesn’t matter if she keeps saying YES to your offers, showing up and having FUN, and kisses you back with enthusiasm…) Why should you never text or say this DANGEROUS phrase to a woman? It takes all the fun out of her wondering if you’re going to ask her out again. Listen, if she’s wondering if you’ll ask her out again, she’s thinking about you. So put yourself out there and see how she responds. Now, he has clients in 37 countries and counting and is the author of the "Attract and Keep Her" best-selling dating and relationship system for men.At the end of the date, or shortly after, he says or texts her this gem: “When can we see each other again? It stops her from projecting all kinds of amazing traits onto you…her potential new man. And the more times she THINKS about you in-between dates, the higher her interest in you climbs. What matters is that you took the risk to put your plan out there and offer it to her. And then put yourself out there again the next time something like this comes up. However, on 25 January 2007, Info Space announced it was exiting the content space and had sold its US games studio to Twistbox Games with IOMO to follow.

IOMO was a pioneering European mobile game developer and publisher based in Hampshire, England.

Here’s an example of a text that tons of guys send that you can eliminate from today forward that will make you MUCH more attractive… So PROMISE ME you’ll never send a woman this kind of text or say this kind of thing to a woman ever again. Just wait 4-8 days, find something cool you want to do, and ask her if she wants to join you. Keep texting in-between dates to a minimum and keep your texts short, light, and fun. Don’t try to build your connection over technology. Don’t try to put any of that responsibility on her. Cheers, Jim Advanced Free Training: Attract Women Without Words – Brad Pitt’s Body Language Secrets How to Attract a Devoted Girlfriend or Wife – The Formula How to Get Her Number and Text Her – Free E-Book Jim Wolfe is on a mission to help you permanently solve your dating and relationship problems on the way to helping 100,000 men live their ideal life with their ideal women and helping to increase the percentage of happy, healthy relationships from 30% up to 40%.