Updating is not supported by data source sqldatasource1

14-Dec-2017 01:57

however when it is run in the browser it allows the user to edit the fields but when i click on the update button it throws an error.

can someone please offer me advice on how i can sort this problem out or provide me with any examples as i cant see what the error is.

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hi, i am tryuing to use the gridview as means for the user to be able to edit delete and update columns of the database.

Whenever I do this with a Sql Data Source, I get the error 'Deleting is not supported by data source 'Sql Data Source1' unless Delete Command is specified.' Which means I have to specify a sproc or text to use as the Delete and I can't use my popup etc. Here is my code : protected void Grid View1_Row Data Bound(object sender, Grid View Row Event Args e) protected void Grid View1_Row Command(object sender, Grid View Command Event Args e) { if (e.

Source Error: An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request.

Now each time when I click "Update", the update went through and all the data got updated, but I received this error: Updating is not supported by data source ' Sql Data Source Grid View' unless Update Command is specified. I've read 100 differnt posts about not rebinding the data, etc. SELECT Replace('999-25000-69','-', '') or SELECT Replace(col1,'-', '') as col1 FROM your Table Limno... Report Path = "Report2.rdlc" ds2 = Get Sales Data() ' Create a report data source for the sales order data Dim ds Sales Order As New Report Data Source() ds Sales Order. BC30456: 'datasource' is not a member of ' System. The Source dropdownlist included None, Control, Cookie, Form, Profile, Query string, and Session. -- S_GRIN ------------------------------------------------------------------------ coreutils-6.12-32.10 So top comes from the procps package and df comes from the coreutils package.